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March 8, 2008
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Horse Tattoo by KDesJardins Horse Tattoo by KDesJardins
So this is my future tattoo! I designed and did it all in Ai. Im not sure where to put it yet. It will not be huge. but i still need permission from my mom, or wait another 6ish months.

Story behind it, i love horses. however i also love greek mythology. so i combined them to make Pegasus :)

Anyways, if you would like me to make you a tattoo or you have an idea you want made, let me know and we can arrange something.

Comments and critique welcome.

BIG edit, i completely revamped the wings to match the overall style of the horse

PLEASE do not steal. this is MY tattoo, its meaningful to me, so please do not take it for yours.
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Hey there :)
Stunning design, it would look smashing as a tat! Unfortunately I didn't come across it by DA, but through this website:… I thought you might want to know they stole your art. Cheers!
I love this style of art, with the lines that sort of hint at the picture, rather than the picture actually being there -- what is this type called?
I like this tattoo very very much but,
I saw this tattoo on the henna shop in Tunesie five years ago, exact the same..
I know this because my friend has exactly the same tattoo on her back, because she liked the picture so much when i sended it to her 5years ago..

So it's very strange because you say that you designed it yourself, I don't want to be mean or anything it's just the truth.

I have the WIPs and edits all, and sketches of my design. So yes, I did design and create it myself. However, horses and pegasus are popular. I dont doubt someone has had the same vision as me and created something very similar to what I have.
So please, take your doubts and accusations elsewhere, where people have ACTUALLY stolen art.
I made this almost 5 years ago now, so maybe its the case that they actually took my work. Perhaps you should think through statements a little bit more before you make them into accusations, as you have offended me.
Hi! I have to say, this is Incredible!! I was wondering if it would be OK for me to use this to practice drawing horse forms? I've been trying to learn to free-hand horses and this is a great, simple but perfect form. I wouldn't ever give it out or for anything public, just for personal use and practicing?
Thanks so much!!!
Sure no problem, and thanks! :)
Awesome! I really appreciate it! Great design!!!
Thank you so much!
I was wondering if you could design me a horse tattoo. I resently lost my horse over the past summer and I haven't found one that really suits what I'm looking for. I like the whole pegasus thing with wings. Kind of like an angel horse is what I'm looking for. Thanks
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